Civil Detail Engineering Services

Makadia services for engineering product with scope of works:

  • Usingcodeas per requirement client e.: SNI, ACI, AISC
  • DocumentProduct:Design Specification, Material Specification, Construction Specification, Procedure, Calculation sheet, Analysis, Engineering Drawing, serta Shop/Fabrication Drawing for steel structure
  • Facility can behandled for geothermal Power Plant, Coal Fired Power Plant, Wind Turbine Power Plant, Refinery & Petrochemical Plant, Gas Processing Plant, Infrastructure Building
  • Equipment Foundation Rotating incl. vibrating equipment (pumps, compressor, Turbine Generator)
  • Equipment Foundation Static (Vessel, Tank, HE, drum, tower, dsb)
  • Steel Structure (shelter, storage, building, piperack, pipe support, equipment structure, platform,etc)
  • Concrete Structure (building, concrete structure)
  • Flexible and Rigid Road/pavement design
  • Drainage system design

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